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Brooks, Alan T.
Tales of Cannock Chase: A Narrative of Factual Stories and Happenstance from the Villages of Cannock Chase
April 2003
138 pages

1. Gentleshaw Common
2. Echoes of Beaudesert Hall
3. St. Matthew's Hospital (Burntwood)
4. The Haunted Windmill (Gentleshaw)
5. The Hammerwich Verderer
6. The Rankish Itch (Burntwood)
7. The Bluebells of Nunswell
8. Mary Queen of Scots at Tixall
9. A Walk into Castle Ring
10. Historic and Infamous Rugeley
11. Land infested with wolves (Wolseley)
12. Are the Marques's genes still here?
13. Explosion in Staffordshire (Hanbury)
14. The last burning at the stake (Lichfield)
ISBN 9780954631611
Rating 7.5/10
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